Gillis Stansberry

Gillis Stansberry


Gillis Stansberry



San Francisco, CA



Just About Everything



Student, Retail Fashionista, Theatrical Production

Though my family goes back four generations in San Francisco, I was the first to actually be born in the city, just blocks from where my great grandmother, Isla, lived for many years, out in the Sunset District.

Isla was on the Stansberry side of the family.  My mother's side was from Taylor, the barbecue capital of the world, a small town in Texas.

 When I was two years old, my parents moved across the  Golden Gate Bridge, to sunny Marin County, where I went to school and eventually graduated from Redwood High School.

Since then, I have studied theater and art and other subjects at Santa Rosa Community College, The College of Marin, and Sonoma State University. 

I like working with children and with animals, and started my own pet-sitting business in high school, tending to neighborhood cats while their owners were away.

I have been involved in all kinds of theatrical productions, ever since I was small—as a dancer and actor and stage worker—and love music of all types.  One of my passions is fashion—style and color—and for that reason I have been drawn to retail work, where I find it exciting to work with people from all different kinds of backgrounds.